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Breaking News Update: Rev. Bud Green now offers 50 lbs. of grade A Holy Herb from Hawaii to the next disruptor of Adolf Trump’s Brown Shirt Rally

Get ready to smoke out people.  All of my followers are now eligible for the ultimate reward for disrupting one of Adolf Trump’s hate rallies.  Thanks to a generous donor from the great state of Hawaii, I can offer 50 lbs. of grade A Bud from Hawaii to the Rev. Bud Green supporter who jumps on stage and blows some bud smoke in bigot boys face.  Talk about a just reward for all the smoke that Adolf Trump has been blowing up his bigoted followers Asses.  Remember 50 pounds to disrupt Herr Trump or should I say Bad Hair Trump.  Suck on it Donald, you blowhard bigot boy bastard.


Yes all of my loyal followers and fellow holy herb worshippers, I did feel the Burn with Sen. Bernie Sanders when I shared a joint with him during his run for Congress in 1990. I had just attended a taping of the People are Talking Talk Show on WBZ in Boston. The show was hosted by now famous Tom Bergeron and on the panel with me was world famous Atty. Alan Dershowitz. You can see the tape on my Rev. Bud Green U tube channel and see where I lit up a joint in the face of some guardian angel thugs who I am sure are now Donald Trump Brown Shirts. After the show in Boston I hooked up with some musicians who had seen the show from Vermont and they invited me to go back with them to meet the socialist candidate for congress, soon to be Sen. Bernie Sanders. When I met Bernie we hit it off immediately, he praised me for having the guts to call for a revolution against the rich pigs right on live TV and he was blown away that I would light up a joint on TV. He asked if he could smoke some of the infamous weed that I had toked on the show and we share a killer joint of grade a Cali Skunk Bud. Bernie says now when he smoked he didn’t enjoy it, but that day he was taking so many hits off the joint I had to step in and stop him from bogarting the whole thing. This man loved his herb and was a true brother revolutionary.

The reason I am now outing Bernie for being a big weed head is to make him own up to his true beliefs. He says he is for decriminalization of weed, but when I knew him he was for full legalization of the holy herb known as weed, bud or marijuana. He was also a hardcore Marxist, not a wimpy socialist. In fact there is only one difference between the two a Marxist is a socialist with the balls to admit it. You need to come clean Bernie and admit that you believe in the same Marxist principles that the Rev. Bud does, that the people should communally own all private property and all industry and businesses should be jointly owned by the people, for the people and for the benefit of everyone in our society. Marxism is the answer to the rich pigs controlling our government, military, media and therefore our lives and minds. Break the shackles of capitalism Bernie, admit you are a Marxist non violent revolutionary like the Rev. Bud Green and I will think about throwing the support of my followers behind you in your struggle to defeat the forces of reaction and the establishment in the form of Hillary “I can’t tell the truth” Clinton and Donald “Adolf” Trump.

Rev. Bud Green continues assault on Donald, aka Little Hitler, Trump

Alright all of my loyal followers and fellow holy herb worshippers. Now is the time for all good men to act and do whatever they can to take down Hitler wannabee Donald J. Punk I mean Trump. Let’s get off our asses and put this asshole on his own bigoted ass. As you may have heard by now, the brave protester who attempted to storm Trump’s hate filled stage the other day was a Rev. Bud Green for president supporter. We had worked together before as I inspired his desecration of the symbol of American racism, our flag which stands for bigotry, hatred and now the one Adolf Trump is trying to wrap he and his brown shirts in. He was inspired by my song Burn the Flag, which you can view on my u tube channel. He also supported my followers who took down the racist flags from the crooklyn bridge last year in the big bad apple. So we conspired to distrupt a Trump for Fuhrer rally where he tried to storm the stage. He wasn’t going to kick the tin horn dictator’s ass, he was going to blow some of the holy herb smoke in his big bigoted orange face and hopefully mellow the old Nazi lover out. Didn’t work but we will keep on trying. I am now offering a pound of grade a Bud from Hawaii to the Rev. Bud supporter who storms Trumps stage and blows a bong hit in his blow hole. Let’s get some civil disobedience out there and remember in order to qualify for the grand prize of the holy herb and an autographed joint from the Rev. Bud you need to yell Rev. Bud Green 4 prez right in Adolf Trump’s bigot boy face. He will probably freak out and cry mommy like he did when my last supporter stormed the stage, he looked like he was going to shit his panties. Remember Vote Green in 2016, Rev. Bud Green for president.

Stop fighting amongst ourselves for the crumbs the one percent leave behind

It’s time for us to wake up and stop fighting amongst ourselves for the crumbs the rich pigs leave behind as they rape us and our planet. We fight like rats while they live like Kings. This involves all the bullshit differences that we fight over in race, ethnicity and religion. People there is only one religion that controls things and that is the worship of the material wealth and the devil. These petty fights that we have over Muslim, Jew or Christian is a farce. We are all the children of the Earth and will only survive when we realize that eternal truth. So smoke the holy herb of ganja and realize we are all truly one. And don’t forget, Vote Green in 2016, REV. BUD GREEN!!!!

The Myth of 9-11 and ISIS

Hello my fellow herb worshippers and pro marijuana activists.   On this anniversary of 9-11, it’s time to expose the myth of Al Qaeda and the newest myth of ISIS.  The fact that the Obama administration has created this fake terrorist group ISIS to act as a boogeyman to keep US troops in the MID EAST forever now once and for all proves that the Bush administration was obviously behind 9-11.  If the supposed left wing Obama would let the CIA create ISIS, means that there is now no doubt that Bush created 9-11 to keep the military industrial complex fully in charge of our country.  Wake up sheeple, Bush created 9-11 and Obama created ISIS, now the pro marijuana people who can see through this government smoke screen have to now create a non violent revolution to take back our country.  Support Rev. Bud and the new POT (People Opposing Tyranny) Party and let’s shake the bonds of mental slavery and really taste freedom on this anniversary of the greatest government hoax since the Nazi’s and Hitler bombed the Reichstag.  Hail freedom and oppose government Tyranny from the Republicratic party.


News flash everyone.  My German co-conspirators have revealed themselves and their role in the great Brooklyn bridge flag switch that I masterminded.  Let’s go over the facts in the case.  After posting the pledge of no allegiance on the july 4th of this year, Rev. Bud Green was contacted by supporters who wanted to use the American Flag, now the United corporations of America Flag as a political statement to support Rev.  Bud Green and the New Pot Party.  After initially suggesting burning the flag, Rev. Bud came up with the idea of switching the flags on a public building in NYC to create a media sensation.  We would first put up a bleached American Flag and then replace those flags with a pot party flag and one which represented what corporate America has done to our freedom.  I checked with my contact, Osama Bin Bongen, and he confirmed that our unnamed and unknown to me professional coconspirators were in fact these 2 german bozos who are now trying to take full credit.  If you check my statements since I revealed that Rev. Bud and the pot party were the masterminds of the flag switching plot everything jibes completely with the disclosure of the germans.  I stated that I was told by my contacts that they knew professionals who could pull off the flag switch, that was the german duo.  I also said that I dealt only with Osama Bin Bongen and I didn’t know who the professionals were.  That was kept from me on purpose, so that after we took credit, the nypd would not be able to get any info on the professionals who carried out my plan.  the Bleached Flags were my idea, but I was not told how they did it, so I did not know they made the flags by hand.  But their own revelation proves that Rev. bud is the mastermind because they said the white flags represented many things including peace which is exactly what I said when I revealed my involvement.  If they really did this on their own then they wouldn’t have given the same answer. Here are the facts, these 2 germans are the ones who carried out my plan through my associate Osama bin Bongin and nothing can change that.  They don’t want to admit anything political about my plan because they are obviously now parroting the corporate line that Rev. Bud was not involved and their was nothing political about the flags.  That is complete bullshit and the reason for the media creation of this idea of nothing political about my plan to switch the flags is to deny Rev. Bud and the Pot Party the chance to spread our pro marijuana and anti-government message.  Corporate America and their puppet govt. are worried about my spreading message because the 2 most popular messages these days are in fact anti govt. and pro marijuana.  Now these 2 German Bozos have joined with the corporate media to lie about my involvement.  Just as the German Nation was treacherous in their murderous actions in WW 2 they are at it again.  I challenge Hanz and Franz to take a lie detector as I will and we’ll see who is telling the truth.  You can never stop the pot party and the revolution and you can never stop the rev. bud green.  remember, vote green in 2016, Rev. Bud Green


Big news, fellow holy herb partakers, Rev. Bud Green has been approached about a possible reality show featuring the revolutionary antics of the new POT PARTY.  Can you believe it, a show on TV to showcase our revolutionary way of thinking, what a chance to spread the good word of non-violent revolution to the whole country and the world.  This truly is the beginning of the coming holy herb revolution.  If we’re gonna have a reality show then we need a theme song.   Luckily, the Rev. Bud Green’s new rock band, MARIJUANA JIHAD, is up to the challenge.  Led by my fellow band members, guitarist  Sheik Skunkweed, bass player Krishna Ganja and my new drummer Osama Bin Bongen we are definitely up to the task.  Here is the new theme song, HEY HEY, WE’RE THE POT PARTY sung to the music of the legendary Monkees TV show theme song.

















Now is that a theme song or what.  Remember join the new POT PARTY AND VOTE GREEN IN 2016, REV. BUD GREEN.


Greetings from the Rev. Bud Green my fellow holy herb revolutionaries.  After pulling of the flag switch on the Brooklyn Bridge, the Rev. Bud Green is being defamed by the NYPD who lie when they say our claims of our great victory in our revolutionary struggle against the forces of tyranny by the POT Party are false.  They say the Rev. Bud is lying about pulling off the theft of the century.  They spread this disinformation to try to stop the media attention being paid to the heroic POT PARTY supporters who replaced the flag of tyranny with the bleached old shamefuls.  The only glory of the flag will be when it is finally on the ash heap of history replaced by the POT PARTY flag of the holy herb with the true American revolutionary slogan of don’t tread on me.  The CIA controlled NYPD is scared shitless because the revolutionary words of Rev. Bud Green are now being picked up world wide by the govt. controlled media.  All they can do to stop it now is to lie and say the Rev. Bud couldn’t have planned this heroic deed.  To that I say put up or shut up.  They know damn well that only Rev. Bud could come up with such a grand plan to draw attention to the POT PARTY and the Rev. Bud’s run for prez in 2016.   To prove it I will take a lie detector.  They say I didn’t do it, well if that’s so then who did.  They haven’t charged anyone so if I didn’t do it, and they don’t have any suspects than who did it, then that means that they must have done it themselves.  Which of course is preposterous.  So again I reiterate, put up or shut the fuck up.  Turn on, Tune in and Revolt.  No one can stop the Rev. Bud Green.

Mystery of the White Flags in NY revealed

Hello my fellow herb worshippers and revolutionaries.  I can finally reveal that it was members of the New Pot Party that put up the bleached White Flags in NY that the whole country is talking about.  The Flags symbolize the need for the new Pledge of No Allegiance that the Rev. Bud Green and the Pot Party revealed to the Public on the Fourth of July.  On the night of July 22, brave members of the Pot Party and supporters of my candidacy for Prez in 2016 courageously climbed up and put up the new bleached flags.  The original plan was then to replace the bleached flags with 2 new flags but the fascist police prevented us from doing it with their constant surveillance.  The 2 new flags were gonna be the Pot Party flag which is a marijuana leaf with the revolutionary slogan Don’t Tread on Me to symbolize the beginning of a new American Revolution to be led by Pot Party Supporters.  The other flag was to represent what the good old USA has become now that we are fully under the control of the Republicratic party and the united corporations of America.  This flag was to be a logo of corporate media conglomerate GE and a Nazi Swastika with a background of bombs and guns.  This unfortunately is what Amerikkka has become and is exactly why we need civil disobedience and non violent Revolution to truly change this country.  Please smoke the Peace Pipe with the holy herb and rebel against the military industrial complex and the evil one percent.  That is the meaning of why we put up the bleached American Flags.  Remember to recite the new Pledge of No Allegiance.  Please repeat after me,  I Pledge no Allegiance to the United Corporations of America, and to the right wing dictatorship for which it stands, one nation, under the devil, with liberty and justice for only the rich pigs who can afford it.  Put that it in your pipe and smoke it Fox News.

What the Pot Party is all about

Hello my fellow herb worshippers.  A lot of you are asking what this new Pot Party is all about.  It’s all about a new way of thinking about life and politics.   We can no longer let the Repulicratic party control our politics and our minds.  The Pot Party is about spreading the good news how the holy herb can save our lives and our country.  Yes, Marijuana is the key to life and revolution.  Good ole maryjane can save our country by reinvigorating our economy with herb and hemp based businesses like is starting in the great state of Colorado.  It can save us health wise by providing new medicines that save lives without the side effects caused by big pharma drugs.  It can also save our body politic by providing a new way of life, a revolutionary way of life where freedom and equality are the keys to finding utopia on earth.  We all need to smoke the peace pipe to see that we are controlled by the corporations and media and are nothing but sheeple being led to the slaughter.  The Pot Party is about waking up to that fact and screaming I’m not gonna take it anymore.  We need all of you to join the Party.  We can’t really change this country until we have a viable third party which stands for the 99 percent not the one percent.  We envision the Pot Party being an all inclusive left wing progressive party answer to the right wing bigoted tea party.  We can use this new Pot Party to get the holy herb legalized in every state in our country and as a springboard for the Rev. Bud Green to run for Prez in 2016.  If Darth Vader can be ahead of Hillary and Rand Paul in the pols, it’s no longer a pipe dream for the Pot Party and Rev. Bud to take it all in the next presidential election.  Remember, Barack Obama came out of nowhere to win in 2008 and we can do the same in 2016.  But unlike Barack, we won’t sell out to the military industrial complex, we will have real change and revolution in this great country with all of your help.  We will be putting up info on how to join the Pot Party and get others involved as well.  Remember, the Pot Party is the only party that we all can join, regardless of sex, race or religion.  Remember vote Green in 2016,  Rev. Bud Green