Rev. Bud for Prez.

The reason we are starting a third party, the POT party is to help win the white house in 2016.  IN order to really win the prez election I need the supporters and the money, that’s why we’re also starting a rival to facecrap, I mean facebook, Potface.  Support it and we will win.  If a black man from Kenya can become Prez, than the Rev. Bud can do it too.  We need you all my brothers and sisters, white, black brown, yellow, chritian, jew, muslim.  We are all one and we need to support one who knows the truth, Rev. Bud GReen in 2016. Click the button below to donate to the cause.

The End of Facebook, the Rise of Potface

To get the money to have a real chance to win the presidency in 2016, we are creating a rival to the corporate, CIA controlled Facebook.  How dare they ban ads from Pot dispensaries and limit one’s friends to 5,000.  I got news for you, Facebook isn’t helping Revolution it’s stopping.  Therefore in addition to the third party we are starting, the POT PARTY we are now starting a rival to Facebook.  We call it Potface, where one can truly connect with our fellow herb worshippers who know that marijuana, hemp can save the country and the world.  Join the Revolution and sign up for Potface when we get it started.  More news to come.  If I had Mark Zuckerberg’s money we would already have had a revolution.