Breaking News Update: Rev. Bud Green now offers 50 lbs. of grade A Holy Herb from Hawaii to the next disruptor of Adolf Trump’s Brown Shirt Rally

Get ready to smoke out people.  All of my followers are now eligible for the ultimate reward for disrupting one of Adolf Trump’s hate rallies.  Thanks to a generous donor from the great state of Hawaii, I can offer 50 lbs. of grade A Bud from Hawaii to the Rev. Bud Green supporter who jumps on stage and blows some bud smoke in bigot boys face.  Talk about a just reward for all the smoke that Adolf Trump has been blowing up his bigoted followers Asses.  Remember 50 pounds to disrupt Herr Trump or should I say Bad Hair Trump.  Suck on it Donald, you blowhard bigot boy bastard.


Yes all of my loyal followers and fellow holy herb worshippers, I did feel the Burn with Sen. Bernie Sanders when I shared a joint with him during his run for Congress in 1990. I had just attended a taping of the People are Talking Talk Show on WBZ in Boston. The show was hosted by now famous Tom Bergeron and on the panel with me was world famous Atty. Alan Dershowitz. You can see the tape on my Rev. Bud Green U tube channel and see where I lit up a joint in the face of some guardian angel thugs who I am sure are now Donald Trump Brown Shirts. After the show in Boston I hooked up with some musicians who had seen the show from Vermont and they invited me to go back with them to meet the socialist candidate for congress, soon to be Sen. Bernie Sanders. When I met Bernie we hit it off immediately, he praised me for having the guts to call for a revolution against the rich pigs right on live TV and he was blown away that I would light up a joint on TV. He asked if he could smoke some of the infamous weed that I had toked on the show and we share a killer joint of grade a Cali Skunk Bud. Bernie says now when he smoked he didn’t enjoy it, but that day he was taking so many hits off the joint I had to step in and stop him from bogarting the whole thing. This man loved his herb and was a true brother revolutionary.

The reason I am now outing Bernie for being a big weed head is to make him own up to his true beliefs. He says he is for decriminalization of weed, but when I knew him he was for full legalization of the holy herb known as weed, bud or marijuana. He was also a hardcore Marxist, not a wimpy socialist. In fact there is only one difference between the two a Marxist is a socialist with the balls to admit it. You need to come clean Bernie and admit that you believe in the same Marxist principles that the Rev. Bud does, that the people should communally own all private property and all industry and businesses should be jointly owned by the people, for the people and for the benefit of everyone in our society. Marxism is the answer to the rich pigs controlling our government, military, media and therefore our lives and minds. Break the shackles of capitalism Bernie, admit you are a Marxist non violent revolutionary like the Rev. Bud Green and I will think about throwing the support of my followers behind you in your struggle to defeat the forces of reaction and the establishment in the form of Hillary “I can’t tell the truth” Clinton and Donald “Adolf” Trump.

Rev. Bud Green continues assault on Donald, aka Little Hitler, Trump

Alright all of my loyal followers and fellow holy herb worshippers. Now is the time for all good men to act and do whatever they can to take down Hitler wannabee Donald J. Punk I mean Trump. Let’s get off our asses and put this asshole on his own bigoted ass. As you may have heard by now, the brave protester who attempted to storm Trump’s hate filled stage the other day was a Rev. Bud Green for president supporter. We had worked together before as I inspired his desecration of the symbol of American racism, our flag which stands for bigotry, hatred and now the one Adolf Trump is trying to wrap he and his brown shirts in. He was inspired by my song Burn the Flag, which you can view on my u tube channel. He also supported my followers who took down the racist flags from the crooklyn bridge last year in the big bad apple. So we conspired to distrupt a Trump for Fuhrer rally where he tried to storm the stage. He wasn’t going to kick the tin horn dictator’s ass, he was going to blow some of the holy herb smoke in his big bigoted orange face and hopefully mellow the old Nazi lover out. Didn’t work but we will keep on trying. I am now offering a pound of grade a Bud from Hawaii to the Rev. Bud supporter who storms Trumps stage and blows a bong hit in his blow hole. Let’s get some civil disobedience out there and remember in order to qualify for the grand prize of the holy herb and an autographed joint from the Rev. Bud you need to yell Rev. Bud Green 4 prez right in Adolf Trump’s bigot boy face. He will probably freak out and cry mommy like he did when my last supporter stormed the stage, he looked like he was going to shit his panties. Remember Vote Green in 2016, Rev. Bud Green for president.