What the Pot Party is all about

Hello my fellow herb worshippers.  A lot of you are asking what this new Pot Party is all about.  It’s all about a new way of thinking about life and politics.   We can no longer let the Repulicratic party control our politics and our minds.  The Pot Party is about spreading the good news how the holy herb can save our lives and our country.  Yes, Marijuana is the key to life and revolution.  Good ole maryjane can save our country by reinvigorating our economy with herb and hemp based businesses like is starting in the great state of Colorado.  It can save us health wise by providing new medicines that save lives without the side effects caused by big pharma drugs.  It can also save our body politic by providing a new way of life, a revolutionary way of life where freedom and equality are the keys to finding utopia on earth.  We all need to smoke the peace pipe to see that we are controlled by the corporations and media and are nothing but sheeple being led to the slaughter.  The Pot Party is about waking up to that fact and screaming I’m not gonna take it anymore.  We need all of you to join the Party.  We can’t really change this country until we have a viable third party which stands for the 99 percent not the one percent.  We envision the Pot Party being an all inclusive left wing progressive party answer to the right wing bigoted tea party.  We can use this new Pot Party to get the holy herb legalized in every state in our country and as a springboard for the Rev. Bud Green to run for Prez in 2016.  If Darth Vader can be ahead of Hillary and Rand Paul in the pols, it’s no longer a pipe dream for the Pot Party and Rev. Bud to take it all in the next presidential election.  Remember, Barack Obama came out of nowhere to win in 2008 and we can do the same in 2016.  But unlike Barack, we won’t sell out to the military industrial complex, we will have real change and revolution in this great country with all of your help.  We will be putting up info on how to join the Pot Party and get others involved as well.  Remember, the Pot Party is the only party that we all can join, regardless of sex, race or religion.  Remember vote Green in 2016,  Rev. Bud Green

  • Jack Wagner

    Rev Bud, we arleady have a Green Party that is Anti-War, for Public Banking and a Basic Income, against the War on Drugs, and all around friend of the Environment and People. Run in the Green Party Primary in 2016 and help build the movement. How can a third-party grow to actually win if everytime someone isn’t 100% pleased they leave and try to start a new Party? If you are building a new party to bring together Greens, Libertarians, Moderates and Independents that is one thing, but it doesn’t appear to be what you are doing. TEA Party, POT Party…