News flash everyone.  My German co-conspirators have revealed themselves and their role in the great Brooklyn bridge flag switch that I masterminded.  Let’s go over the facts in the case.  After posting the pledge of no allegiance on the july 4th of this year, Rev. Bud Green was contacted by supporters who wanted to use the American Flag, now the United corporations of America Flag as a political statement to support Rev.  Bud Green and the New Pot Party.  After initially suggesting burning the flag, Rev. Bud came up with the idea of switching the flags on a public building in NYC to create a media sensation.  We would first put up a bleached American Flag and then replace those flags with a pot party flag and one which represented what corporate America has done to our freedom.  I checked with my contact, Osama Bin Bongen, and he confirmed that our unnamed and unknown to me professional coconspirators were in fact these 2 german bozos who are now trying to take full credit.  If you check my statements since I revealed that Rev. Bud and the pot party were the masterminds of the flag switching plot everything jibes completely with the disclosure of the germans.  I stated that I was told by my contacts that they knew professionals who could pull off the flag switch, that was the german duo.  I also said that I dealt only with Osama Bin Bongen and I didn’t know who the professionals were.  That was kept from me on purpose, so that after we took credit, the nypd would not be able to get any info on the professionals who carried out my plan.  the Bleached Flags were my idea, but I was not told how they did it, so I did not know they made the flags by hand.  But their own revelation proves that Rev. bud is the mastermind because they said the white flags represented many things including peace which is exactly what I said when I revealed my involvement.  If they really did this on their own then they wouldn’t have given the same answer. Here are the facts, these 2 germans are the ones who carried out my plan through my associate Osama bin Bongin and nothing can change that.  They don’t want to admit anything political about my plan because they are obviously now parroting the corporate line that Rev. Bud was not involved and their was nothing political about the flags.  That is complete bullshit and the reason for the media creation of this idea of nothing political about my plan to switch the flags is to deny Rev. Bud and the Pot Party the chance to spread our pro marijuana and anti-government message.  Corporate America and their puppet govt. are worried about my spreading message because the 2 most popular messages these days are in fact anti govt. and pro marijuana.  Now these 2 German Bozos have joined with the corporate media to lie about my involvement.  Just as the German Nation was treacherous in their murderous actions in WW 2 they are at it again.  I challenge Hanz and Franz to take a lie detector as I will and we’ll see who is telling the truth.  You can never stop the pot party and the revolution and you can never stop the rev. bud green.  remember, vote green in 2016, Rev. Bud Green