Why should you vote for the Rev?

Allrighty my fellow holy herb worshipers, enough about why you shouldn’t vote for left wing and right wing fakers Bernie Sanders and Donald Chump. Here’s why you should vote for the Rev. Bud Green.

First let’s start with the Economy in deference to the Clinton advisers who came up with
“It’s the Economy Stupid” mantra back in 1992. Again the stock market is tanking and we are ready to hit another big time recession or even depression. The answer to the problems of our economy being run by our political and economic elite, i.e. the Rich Pigs, is the holy herb Marijuana. We now have seen how legalizing it in Colorado has greatly improved the economy there and created tons of jobs. Imagine the national implications once it is legalized under a Rev. Bud Green administration. Marijuana sales will bring in needed Tax Revenues to help balance the budget both Nationally and in the individual states. The Growing of the holy herb will provide jobs for the millions of jobless Americans, high paying jobs, no pun intended, that will take people off welfare and into economic prosperity. I foresee enough jobs being created that each employee can earn at least 50,000 dollars a year, which in this day and age is a livable wage. Let’s give people good paying jobs in the production and sales industries related to Marijuana and we will save our economy and again be a nation no longer in financial distress but one the world can look to for a way out of our economic mess. No other candidate has the balls to propose the herbal remedy for our economy, the only solution that will benefit both workers and the environment. I will expound upon how marijuana will save our earth from global warming next posting.