Rev. Bud Green continues assault on Donald, aka Little Hitler, Trump

Alright all of my loyal followers and fellow holy herb worshippers. Now is the time for all good men to act and do whatever they can to take down Hitler wannabee Donald J. Punk I mean Trump. Let’s get off our asses and put this asshole on his own bigoted ass. As you may have heard by now, the brave protester who attempted to storm Trump’s hate filled stage the other day was a Rev. Bud Green for president supporter. We had worked together before as I inspired his desecration of the symbol of American racism, our flag which stands for bigotry, hatred and now the one Adolf Trump is trying to wrap he and his brown shirts in. He was inspired by my song Burn the Flag, which you can view on my u tube channel. He also supported my followers who took down the racist flags from the crooklyn bridge last year in the big bad apple. So we conspired to distrupt a Trump for Fuhrer rally where he tried to storm the stage. He wasn’t going to kick the tin horn dictator’s ass, he was going to blow some of the holy herb smoke in his big bigoted orange face and hopefully mellow the old Nazi lover out. Didn’t work but we will keep on trying. I am now offering a pound of grade a Bud from Hawaii to the Rev. Bud supporter who storms Trumps stage and blows a bong hit in his blow hole. Let’s get some civil disobedience out there and remember in order to qualify for the grand prize of the holy herb and an autographed joint from the Rev. Bud you need to yell Rev. Bud Green 4 prez right in Adolf Trump’s bigot boy face. He will probably freak out and cry mommy like he did when my last supporter stormed the stage, he looked like he was going to shit his panties. Remember Vote Green in 2016, Rev. Bud Green for president.