The Myth of Progress and the Internet

I have shocking news for you, human progress has completely stopped in the last 50 years.  Since the start of this country, progress has easy to measure every 50 years.  150 years ago we were involved in the civil war and African americans were still enslaved.  100 years ago we were just starting to see the benefits of the Industrial Revolution and 50 years ago we were entering the jet age.  Since then nothing, a big fat zero, bupkus.  All we have to show for progress is this piece of mind control we call the internet.  It could be a tool for human evolution and revolution, but the rich elite who control this country have instead made it about sending stupid pictures and talking about inane celebs like the Kardashians and Kim’s butt.  But we’re the butt of the joke of progress.  The rich and powerful have stolen all the money from the workers and have given them nothing in return.  Our infrastructure is falling apart but it’s ok, we can tweet a selfie to the world.  Wake up Sheeple, the internet is a scam and a left wing revolution fueled by those of us who can see the truth because we worship the holy herb is our only salvation.  It’s no loner, Turn On, Tune In and Drop out.  It’s smoke a bowl, tune into reality, and overthrow the right wing rich pigs that have given us nothing but scraps as they feast on our work and our souls.  Think about that the next time you light one up.

The Pledge of No Allegiance

My new band, Marijuana Jihad, has just written our first song.  We call it the Pledge of No Allegiance.  A lot of people don’t know that the Pledge of Allegiance is a piece of propaganda written during the red scare of the 40′s and 50′s to indoctrinate our youth, much like the Hitler Youth of Germany during WW II.  Now, let’s really teach our kids about true freedom with the Pledge of No Allegiance.  Here it goes:  I PLEDGE NO ALLEGIANCE TO THE FLAG OF THE UNITED CORPORATIONS OF AMERICA.  AND TO THE RIGHT WING DICTATORSHIP FOR WHICH IT STANDS, ONE NATION, UNDER THE DEVIL, WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ONLY THE RICH AND POWERFUL!  Teach it to your kids and friends.

Hey, the world cup of Planet Earth is going on and the score is rich and powerful elite 99, Humanity 0

Hey you, wake up sheeple.  Don’t you know the World Cup of Planet Earth is going on and the current score is Rich and Powerful elites 99 and Humanity 0.  Worse, the game is ready to go into extra time.  That means we’re living on borrowed time, the rich and powerful elite that run this country and thus the World are kicking our ass and the only chance we have left is a world revolution to put the masses of true humanity back in charge.  There’s little time left so let’s all support the Pot Party and vote green in 2016, that’s Rev. Bud Green.  Did you notice how that’s the answer to all our world’s problems.  That’s because a vote for Rev. Bud is a vote for yourself and your neighbor, a vote for the 99 percent and against the one percent of the military,political and industrial complex that have brought us to the brink of extinction.  Thinks about that the next time you worship the holy herb that god has put here to wake us sheeple up.   Bong not Baaah.

Beware of right wing politicians bearing legalization of weed gifts

Let me tell why we have to be careful to just argue for legalization of the holy herb.  Right wing wackos like  Rand Paul, who argued against the civil rights amendment, is pro legalization.   He’s counting on us loyal bud worshipers to support his right wing agenda because he’s pro weed.  This is exactly why the Rev. Bud Green advocates a left wing revolution, one where all people are treated equal and this country’s great wealth is truly spread to all the people.   A vote for Revl. Bud is a vote for equal income redistribution, the right for all americans to live in comfort, no more poverty and the rights of all be it gay, straight, white , minority to have our human rights guaranteed.  That my friends is the Rev. Bud Green revolution.  A vote for Rand Paul is a vote for a later day Adolph Hitler, remember that come 2016/

Bring Back the 60′s, if you look close they’re already back big time

I’m sure a lot of you have seen this new CNN Series called the sixties produced by Bosom Buddy Tom Hanks.  Let me give you a critique Rev.  Bud Green style.  The show on the JFK assassination is a total whitewash of history.  If you listen to Vincent Bugliosi, the whole thing is cut and dried, Lee Harvey Oswald did it.  What a government sucking up to piece of shit this guy is.  Doesn’t he know that it’s been proven that Oswald was a gov. agent, likely CIA and he was indeed a patsy like he claimed.  Oh yeah, Bugliosi is also the guy that killed the hippie movement by claiming that all long hairs were Charles Manson disciples who believed in Helter Skelter.  There’s no doubt that Manson was a murderer but he didn’t represent the Hippies, it was a govt. plot put out by tricky Dick Nixon.  Then they show a segment on the Vietnam War and I started to think, hey  we’re involved in 2 wars that have been going on for 10 years, maybe we are back in the 60′s after all.  WAKE UP SHEEPLE, THE MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX STILL RUNS THE SHOW AND THE ONLY WAY OUT IS TO JOIN THE POT PARTY AND VOTE GREEN, REV. BUD GREEN IN  2016.  YES WE CAN


The Rev on the Jerry Springer show campaigning for his 1996 presidential run

Things need to change. We can’t keep letting the rich, fascist pigs ruin this country with war, money and inequality. If you want to save this world, Join The Revolution!

We need to take a stand against the tyranny of the dynasties of the Bushes, Clintons and their lackeys! That’s why I created the POT Party…People Opposing Tyranny!

While I’m gearing up to launch my 2016 presidential campaign to save America from the rich pigs, check out this clip from the Jerry Springer show where I talk about my ’96 presidential campaign.


Article: Six Months of Legal Marijuana And Colorado Has More Cash And Less Crime

Found this article on the internet talking about the effects of marijuana legalization in Colorado. Some interesting results…but I say its not enough. We need a real revolution in this country! Join the Revolution!!!


With the passage of Amendment 64 in November 2012, Colorado made history and became one of the first two states to approve legal regulation of the cultivation, manufacture and sale of marijuana for adults 21 and over. Colorado has become a proving ground to demonstrate the positive impacts of regulation instead of prohibition – and hopefully will promote similar efforts elsewhere.

Despite warnings from legalization opponents, Colorado looks pretty much the same as ever since regulation, if not better. Crime is down, the economy is sound, and there remains strong overall support for legalization throughout the state. Even the state’s Director of Marijuana Coordination was quick to note recently that “the sky hasn’t fallen” since the first retail shops opened on January 1st.

Read the rest of the article…

Rev. Bud Green forms new Rock Band called Marijuana Jihad

Music is the key to the soul.   So the Rev. Bud has decided to form another Rock Band, this time I’m calling it Marijuana Jihad.  The struggle to legalize the holy herb is in fact the real Holy War.  It’s time to free the holy herb from the clutches of the one percent who keep it illegal because they fear the knowledge of God that one gets by smoking the cherished herb.  Stay tuned for info on Marijuana Jihad and where we will be playing to enlighten the Populace.  Remember, turn on, tune in and revolt.

The war in Iraq: Don’t get fooled again.

Here we go again,  I’m having a major flashback over the current war in Iraq.   The Military-Industrial-Media complex is again fanning the flames for another war in Iraq.  This has always been about oil, and always will be.   The only way to finally end this war is to vote for The Rev. Bud Green in 2016,  Remember, Bongs not Bombs, and Bud not Blood.

Join the Revolution!