The People are waking up

Greetings to all the POT Party supporters.

Just four short days after the news broke on the Revolutionary actions of the POT Party, the New York Times “published what is believed to be the first full page non-advocacy, for-profit marijuana advertisement in its history”.

Coincidence? Or could the people be starting to take notice and support from the courageous actions of one man in his relentless pursuit to save this country from the warmongering fascist elite?

Join the Revolution. Vote Green in 2016! Bud not Bombs!



To all the Pot Party Supporters. THE REVOLUTION IS NOW! It’s HIGH time this country embraces a new way of thinking about life and politics. We can no longer let the Repulicratic party control our politics and our minds. The Pot Party is about spreading the good news how the holy herb can save our lives and our country.

The corporate media machine is starting to take notice. It’s time for a real REVOLUTION!

Corporate media responds to the POT Party


Article: Mangos Increase The Effects Of Consuming Marijuana

For all my fellow revolutionaries in the POT Party, here’s a tip to increase the potency of your experience the next time you light up the sacrament of the Holy Herb. Eat a mango an hour before you spark up the Revolution. Sounds crazy, right? I’m gonna go out and get some mangoes now. Let me know if this works for you.


The chemical compounds that have been found within mangoes have been discovered by science to be able to increase, strengthen, and even lengthen the euphoric feelings felt after smoking marijuana. This is great news for the marijuana community for both recreational smokers and medicinal smokers as they both now have a healthy alternative snack to turn towards during their munchies.

Lately it seems that both the science community and the marijuana community have been falling into the same category. This is great news for both medical marijuana patients and recreational marijuana smokers alike! Of course it’s common knowledge that medical marijuana does exist and that it is a great natural remedy for aches, pains, and various ailments. And of course recreational marijuana smokers do enjoy the euphoric feelings of the herbal supplement as opposed to the feelings of intoxication caused by alcohol or liquor. So naturally marijuana is a safe alternative to most sinful pleasures as well it is a perfect organic solution to the stresses and pains of life. So here is a little secret that the science community has recently discovered for the marijuana community: Eating fresh mangoes or even drinking a fresh mango smoothie one hour prior to smoking will dramatically increase the euphoric feelings felt by marijuana and help medical marijuana patients to ease their pain even more so.

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Article: L.A. city attorney seeks court order to halt cannabis farmers market

Another example of the establishment trying to stop the Revolution. The Pot Farmers Market was a success. It connects the farmers directly to the people.

The People support it, the Establishment does not. Sounds like a familiar theme.

We Need A Revolution!


The Los Angeles city attorney is seeking an injunction to stop what’s being dubbed as the city’s first-ever cannabis-centric farmers market, which opened for business over the Fourth of July weekend.

The medical marijuana market opened July 4-6 inside a Boyle Heights warehouse and continued to operate this past weekend, following its successful start.

But City Atty. Mike Feuer says his office will request a temporary restraining order to stop operations.

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