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The People are waking up

Greetings to all the POT Party supporters.

Just four short days after the news broke on the Revolutionary actions of the POT Party, the New York Times “published what is believed to be the first full page non-advocacy, for-profit marijuana advertisement in its history”.

Coincidence? Or could the people be starting to take notice and support from the courageous actions of one man in his relentless pursuit to save this country from the warmongering fascist elite?

Join the Revolution. Vote Green in 2016! Bud not Bombs!


Greetings from the Rev. Bud Green my fellow holy herb revolutionaries.  After pulling of the flag switch on the Brooklyn Bridge, the Rev. Bud Green is being defamed by the NYPD who lie when they say our claims of our great victory in our revolutionary struggle against the forces of tyranny by the POT Party are false.  They say the Rev. Bud is lying about pulling off the theft of the century.  They spread this disinformation to try to stop the media attention being paid to the heroic POT PARTY supporters who replaced the flag of tyranny with the bleached old shamefuls.  The only glory of the flag will be when it is finally on the ash heap of history replaced by the POT PARTY flag of the holy herb with the true American revolutionary slogan of don’t tread on me.  The CIA controlled NYPD is scared shitless because the revolutionary words of Rev. Bud Green are now being picked up world wide by the govt. controlled media.  All they can do to stop it now is to lie and say the Rev. Bud couldn’t have planned this heroic deed.  To that I say put up or shut up.  They know damn well that only Rev. Bud could come up with such a grand plan to draw attention to the POT PARTY and the Rev. Bud’s run for prez in 2016.   To prove it I will take a lie detector.  They say I didn’t do it, well if that’s so then who did.  They haven’t charged anyone so if I didn’t do it, and they don’t have any suspects than who did it, then that means that they must have done it themselves.  Which of course is preposterous.  So again I reiterate, put up or shut the fuck up.  Turn on, Tune in and Revolt.  No one can stop the Rev. Bud Green.



To all the Pot Party Supporters. THE REVOLUTION IS NOW! It’s HIGH time this country embraces a new way of thinking about life and politics. We can no longer let the Repulicratic party control our politics and our minds. The Pot Party is about spreading the good news how the holy herb can save our lives and our country.

The corporate media machine is starting to take notice. It’s time for a real REVOLUTION!

Corporate media responds to the POT Party

Mystery of the White Flags in NY revealed

Hello my fellow herb worshippers and revolutionaries.  I can finally reveal that it was members of the New Pot Party that put up the bleached White Flags in NY that the whole country is talking about.  The Flags symbolize the need for the new Pledge of No Allegiance that the Rev. Bud Green and the Pot Party revealed to the Public on the Fourth of July.  On the night of July 22, brave members of the Pot Party and supporters of my candidacy for Prez in 2016 courageously climbed up and put up the new bleached flags.  The original plan was then to replace the bleached flags with 2 new flags but the fascist police prevented us from doing it with their constant surveillance.  The 2 new flags were gonna be the Pot Party flag which is a marijuana leaf with the revolutionary slogan Don’t Tread on Me to symbolize the beginning of a new American Revolution to be led by Pot Party Supporters.  The other flag was to represent what the good old USA has become now that we are fully under the control of the Republicratic party and the united corporations of America.  This flag was to be a logo of corporate media conglomerate GE and a Nazi Swastika with a background of bombs and guns.  This unfortunately is what Amerikkka has become and is exactly why we need civil disobedience and non violent Revolution to truly change this country.  Please smoke the Peace Pipe with the holy herb and rebel against the military industrial complex and the evil one percent.  That is the meaning of why we put up the bleached American Flags.  Remember to recite the new Pledge of No Allegiance.  Please repeat after me,  I Pledge no Allegiance to the United Corporations of America, and to the right wing dictatorship for which it stands, one nation, under the devil, with liberty and justice for only the rich pigs who can afford it.  Put that it in your pipe and smoke it Fox News.