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The Myth of Progress and the Internet

I have shocking news for you, human progress has completely stopped in the last 50 years.  Since the start of this country, progress has easy to measure every 50 years.  150 years ago we were involved in the civil war and African americans were still enslaved.  100 years ago we were just starting to see the benefits of the Industrial Revolution and 50 years ago we were entering the jet age.  Since then nothing, a big fat zero, bupkus.  All we have to show for progress is this piece of mind control we call the internet.  It could be a tool for human evolution and revolution, but the rich elite who control this country have instead made it about sending stupid pictures and talking about inane celebs like the Kardashians and Kim’s butt.  But we’re the butt of the joke of progress.  The rich and powerful have stolen all the money from the workers and have given them nothing in return.  Our infrastructure is falling apart but it’s ok, we can tweet a selfie to the world.  Wake up Sheeple, the internet is a scam and a left wing revolution fueled by those of us who can see the truth because we worship the holy herb is our only salvation.  It’s no loner, Turn On, Tune In and Drop out.  It’s smoke a bowl, tune into reality, and overthrow the right wing rich pigs that have given us nothing but scraps as they feast on our work and our souls.  Think about that the next time you light one up.