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Hey, the world cup of Planet Earth is going on and the score is rich and powerful elite 99, Humanity 0

Hey you, wake up sheeple.  Don’t you know the World Cup of Planet Earth is going on and the current score is Rich and Powerful elites 99 and Humanity 0.  Worse, the game is ready to go into extra time.  That means we’re living on borrowed time, the rich and powerful elite that run this country and thus the World are kicking our ass and the only chance we have left is a world revolution to put the masses of true humanity back in charge.  There’s little time left so let’s all support the Pot Party and vote green in 2016, that’s Rev. Bud Green.  Did you notice how that’s the answer to all our world’s problems.  That’s because a vote for Rev. Bud is a vote for yourself and your neighbor, a vote for the 99 percent and against the one percent of the military,political and industrial complex that have brought us to the brink of extinction.  Thinks about that the next time you worship the holy herb that god has put here to wake us sheeple up.   Bong not Baaah.