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Bring Back the 60′s, if you look close they’re already back big time

I’m sure a lot of you have seen this new CNN Series called the sixties produced by Bosom Buddy Tom Hanks.  Let me give you a critique Rev.  Bud Green style.  The show on the JFK assassination is a total whitewash of history.  If you listen to Vincent Bugliosi, the whole thing is cut and dried, Lee Harvey Oswald did it.  What a government sucking up to piece of shit this guy is.  Doesn’t he know that it’s been proven that Oswald was a gov. agent, likely CIA and he was indeed a patsy like he claimed.  Oh yeah, Bugliosi is also the guy that killed the hippie movement by claiming that all long hairs were Charles Manson disciples who believed in Helter Skelter.  There’s no doubt that Manson was a murderer but he didn’t represent the Hippies, it was a govt. plot put out by tricky Dick Nixon.  Then they show a segment on the Vietnam War and I started to think, hey  we’re involved in 2 wars that have been going on for 10 years, maybe we are back in the 60′s after all.  WAKE UP SHEEPLE, THE MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX STILL RUNS THE SHOW AND THE ONLY WAY OUT IS TO JOIN THE POT PARTY AND VOTE GREEN, REV. BUD GREEN IN  2016.  YES WE CAN